OUr Year For Greater!

2019 Affirmation

I am excited to declare the year 2019, as my year of Greater! 

In this year, I will experience greater opportunities, greater successes, and greater victories. Everything that comes my way will cause me to expand and increase. 

I will walk in greater dimensions of faith. According to Mark 11:22, I must operate in the God kind of faith. I must walk in a level of faith and belief that cannot be shaken by what others say, or by what I see or feel. 

In this year, I will experience greater exposure. God will bring me into the company of people who are doing great things to advance the Kingdom of God and who are working for the betterment of humanity. 

I am being exposed to these things, not for comparison or competition, but for the purpose of enabling me to make a greater impact. I am called and anointed to positively impact my home, my workplace, and my community. According to John 14:12, I am called to do the great works that Jesus did, and greater works than those He performed while walking the earth. 

I declare this is my year to experience greater favor! Acts 28:1-6 is the precedent for me to experience unusual favor. The favor flow on my life is ever increasing! I am postured to receive unexplainable favor on every side. Kindness, privilege, and opportunity are constantly being extended toward me. Greater favor brings me into the company of men and women who are willing to help me in the fulfillment of my Kingdom assignment. 

I declare that I will offer God greater praise! According to Psalms 34:1, I will always praise God. I will not allow my feelings, or life’s circumstances to hinder my decision to offer God praise. I will praise whole-heartedly and unapologetically. My praise is a weapon that defeats every attack of the enemy. 

I further declare in this year of greater, God is bringing me, my church family, and my spiritual leadership into greater levels of grace, wisdom, and greater resources to accomplish the things that God has called us to do. 

Again, I declare, 2019 is our year of Greater!