"2020 - Our Year To See Like God Sees"

OUr Year For Greater!

2020 Affirmation

2020 Affirmation

I am excited to declare the year 2020 as my year to See Like God Sees. 

In this year I will see my life and every situation through the lens of God’s word. God’s written and spoken Word over my life will be the guiding force for all I do. I will not allow previous experiences, negative thoughts, or people’s opinions to obscure my view or cause me to abort the vision for my life. 

I declare, I will see the hand of God revealed in every matter that relates to me. According to Psalms 138:8, I will walk confidently and assuredly in the knowledge that the Lord will perfect everything that concerns me. God’s mercy surrounds me and I will not be forgotten or forsaken.

I declare 2020 is my year to see God manifest His promise and blessing in my life. In this year, I will see the tangible manifestation and expression of God’s blessing. I will see protection and provision for me and all those connected to me. According to Psalm 91, I will see protection from sickness, disease, calamity, and confusion. I will see angels encamped around me and my loved ones to keep us from any and all evil. 

I boldly confess, I will see a new level of financial provision. I will see debts canceled, bills paid, mortgages retired, and accounts settled. I will see promotions and increase. It is God’s desire to bless me. I do not have to beg for the blessing of the Lord. It is mine and according to Psalms 68:19, God desires to load me with benefits, daily. 

I declare, these blessings and tangible benefits will not only be seen by me and my household. I declare the blessing of the Lord over Bishop, Pastor J, and the entire First Family.  

I further declare, I will see physical, psychological, and emotional wholeness manifested in my life. I will see and experience unshakable, unexplainable peace in the face of every circumstance. I am confident that the Lord is with me.

Again, I declare, this is our year to see like God sees!

2020 Affirmation (pdf)