"2020 - Our Year To See Like God Sees"

  One of the best ways to grow your faith and strengthen your walk with Christ is to stay connected with partners that can provide a source of encouragement and support. You can do this by becoming involved in any of the following areas that support where you are in life:  

Mature & Motivated (Seniors)


  Mature & Motivated is designed to enhance the lives of married and single senior adults. 

 For event information email us at mandm@newlight.cc 

Man 2 Man (Men)


 Men’s Ministry exists to help men grow in their faith, build relationships and establish a closeness with God.

4th Tuesday of every month 


Single Impact (Singles)


  The Singles Ministry is designed to connect, grow and serve together.  

 3rdFriday of every month (singleimpact@newlight.cc

Kingdom Life Classes


  These classes are designed to provide a basic introduction to our church family, assist partners in becoming mature Christians in order to fulfill God’s will their lives, discover who God made you to be while understanding what God has made you to do, and discover your life’s mission of being a messenger of God’s good news to other people. 


For the monthly class schedule email us at kla@newlight.cc or stop by the Next Steps table.

One Life (Marriage)


  New Light’s Marriage Ministry exists to provide practical resources that help strengthen relationships of those engaged with a wedding date or currently married. We offer opportunities to connect with other couples through fun activities and outings as well as round table discussions. 

 4th Saturday of every month (onelife@newlight.cc)  

180 (Young Adults)


  This ministry exists for young adults, ages 18-31, to come and find support during a critical moment of transition in their lives. 180 meets every 1stand 3rd Saturday of the month where they discuss specific challenges faced by young adults. 

 1st& 3rd Saturdays of every month (ya@newlight.cc

Women’s Ministry


  The Women’s Ministry is designed to be a place to connect, share, inspire and be rejuvenated. 

 4thSaturday of every month (women@newlight.cc)  

Youth Bible Study


  A time for our youth to experience God in such a way that will help them grow and strengthen their relationship with God in their own way. This session takes place on Wednesday nights. 

 Every Wednesday (youth@newlight.cc

Circle of Light


 Circle of Light exist to help new and existing partners build quality relationships within our church.